At T Giles Glazing LTD we manufacture ‘made to measure’ single, double and triple glazed units in a variety of different glass styles and designs. From silver leaded, to obscure, to safety glass; all units are pre-filled with argon gas, which is a non toxic gas used to prevent frost from occurring on the window, and also has sound proofing benefits. All the units in which we manufacture are argon filled as standard.

T Giles Glazing LTD ctripleglazed (1)an also cater to most glass design or safety specifications you could require, whether you’re looking for Georgian bar, lead work, toughened glass or even shaped units, we have the facilities to make any design a reality. 

For the many different obscure glass patterns which we stock, use the following link to see the extensive range. 

We also stock many different sizes and colors of thermal and aluminium spacer-bars. Spacer bars are sandwiched between the two pieces of glass, creating Spacer bar exampleair space between the two units, allowing for the input of the argon gas. One of our most popular spacer-bars is the super spacer. Windows which carry this spacer bar achieve one of the highest energy ratings from the British Fenestration’s Ratings Council. Currently we’re installing a new warm edge spacer bar into our system, the Multitech spacer bar, which supplies the best energy ratings currently on the market, as certified by IFT Rosenheim. This spacer bar is available in a range of colors, allowing for a high quality finish to suit any color window or door profile. 

If you have any questions about the range of glass we supply, or would like a quote, please fill out the form located on the contact us page or give one of our friendly staff a call on 01902 453588